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Flow wrapping is a fast, attractive and cost effective alternative to shrink wrapping or blister packing. A flow wrap consists of a product wrapped in a plastic or paper film, heat sealed top and bottom and up the centre of the back to create a distinctive 'fin' seal, which is often used to tear the wrapping open.

As the name suggests, flow wrapping is a continual process, with the end of each wrap forming the start of the next one. This allows flow wrapping to be faster and more efficient than other packaging options. With its relatively small pack size, low wastage and the ability to use sustainable paper film, flow wrapping can also be a particularly environmentally friendly way to pack a product.

We are able to wrap a wide range of items and of various shapes and sizes in printed or plain, clear plastic, metallised foil or paper film. Possible product types range from cards, leaflets and brochures up to 3D components such as boxes, dice, poker chips and counters.

As well as a standard stand alone wrap we can offer Euro slot and/ or bandolier finishing using films ranging from 30 micron clear through to printed metallised and food grade.

Barrie Roness, Strictly Ink

Barrie Roness, Strictly Ink

“We have been using Cartamundi UK’s flow wrapping services for over 10 years. Their attention to detail in the care and the careful packing we require for our products has been by far the best and we wouldn’t trust anyone else with our jobs.”
Barrie Roness, Strictly Ink